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Cut the Cost of Utility Equipment Failures

Artem Kroupenev

VP of Strategy,


Mike Roy

VP of Engineering,


An Augury pharma customer avoided $1.1 million in downtime costs by preventing a failure in an air handling unit. Utility equipment like AHAs and exhaust fans, chillers and compressors, boilers and heating systems often get less attention than critical production equipment. 

But utility equipment failures can be very costly.

Join our webinar with Mike Roy, Vice President of Engineering at HSB and Artem Kroupenev, VP of Strategy at Augury to learn why utility equipment matters in production environments, the cost of utility equipment failures, and how to avoid or cut those losses.  

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • Why utility equipment matters in production environments 
  • Real-life claim costs from utility equipment  failures
  • How to avoid and mitigate the cost of utility equipment failures

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