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How Insight Driven Manufacturing Can Transform Your Business Now

Artem Kroupenev

VP of Strategy, Augury

Dan Miklovic

Founder, Lean Manufacturing Research, LLC

Olli Härkönen

Technology Director Sustainability and Digitalization, Global Manufacturing, Essity

What if your equipment didn’t just make products, but made insights for your business too

Insight-driven manufacturing uses predictive and prescriptive insights into your assets and operations to transform your business.

Join our webinar with experts from manufacturing Essity, a global leader in professional hygiene, consumer tissue and personal care products, analyst firm Lean Manufacturing Research and Augury to learn what insight-driven manufacturing means and how your company can start to implement it today.

  • Olli Härkönen, Global Manufacturing Digitalization Director at Essity
  • Dan Miklovic, Founder of Lean Manufacturing Research
  • Artem Kroupenev, Vice President of Strategy at Augury

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is insight-driven manufacturing and why does it matter?
  • Real-world examples of how insight-driven manufacturing leads to greater efficiency, reduced costs and higher profits.
  • How insight-driven manufacturing fits into the evolving manufacturing landscape and how to prepare your company to implement it

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