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Take Risk Off Your List With Augury, HSB, and Guaranteed Diagnostics

John Stokes

SVP, Applied Technology Solutions,


James Newman

Head of Product and Portfolio Marketing,


When machines fail, the costs go beyond the asset itself. But what if manufacturers could take that risk off their list? Augury, supported by HSB, has expanded its Guaranteed Diagnostics™ offering, covering more machines and including production downtime compensation due to undetected machine health events. The offering is available to new customers at no additional cost for one year.

Join us as John Stokes, Senior Vice President, Applied Technology Solutions at HSB, speaks with James Newman, Head of Product and Portfolio Marketing at Augury, to discuss how Guaranteed Diagnostics fits into manufacturers’ risk management strategy.

John and James discuss a range of topics, including:

  • How AI is helping companies reduce business interruption 
  • Why the industry evaluates asset performance solutions differently today
  • How the offering helps manufacturers take control of uptime and efficiency

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