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Joining Forces with Augury

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Today is an extremely exciting day for Alluvium. After many months of conversations, experimentation, and now integration, I could not be happier to announce that Alluvium has been acquired by Augury.

People First

What this merger means for our ability to deliver value to industrial customers is immense. But, before we look ahead, it is worth looking back in order to fully appreciate the potential of this opportunity. When we founded Alluvium our mission was to leverage all available operational data industrial systems were already generating, and deliver immediate and high-value insights in real-time to operators.

One of the things that always differentiated Alluvium is our technology. Specifically, our ability to ingest any kind of operational data, learn from it using state of the art techniques, and turn that learning into accessible and meaningful insight. What made Alluvium special as a company, however, were the people and our approach to delivering that technology.

We knew from the beginning that empathy was key:

In all data there is humanity. In every bit there are traces of this humanity: in how a choice is made, or how a system is built. In the physical world the complexities of this humanity are magnified. To manage this complexity requires both deep technical expertise and innovative engineering. It also requires considerable empathy for the human beings behind that data.

The Alluvium and Augury teams have known each other for a long time. Along with consistently showing up on the same lists and logo boards, we also once even worked out of the same office space. Through that proximity I had the chance to meet Saar and Gal – Augury’s co-founders – a few times. Beyond the success of their business, what always impressed me was their clear articulation of vision, and their ability to precisely execute on that vision. And though our respective visions overlapped, we came at the problems from entirely different directions.

Shared Value: Empathy

Augury has developed a bottoms-up hardware and machine learning stack to continuously monitor industrial equipment, starting with specific equipment types and growing from there. Alluvium came at the problem from the opposite direction, developing a unique software platform for ingesting all operational data to provide immediate top-down value from data customers already had. By combining these two approaches, and the underlying technologies, we will greatly expand the landscape of customers and business problems we can address. It is truly a phase shifting opportunity for industrial analytics.

Finally, while Alluvium and Augury started with different technology and product approaches, there is one consistent similarity between the two companies: empathy. It is our shared values, both for how to work with each other and customers, that has stood out above all through this process. We are excited for what we will build together, but more importantly, we are excited for the future we will be able to deliver to the men and women working in complex and dangerous industrial operations. You can read Saar’s own thoughts on this opportunity.

The mission continues.

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