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To Our Friends and Partners in Manufacturing and Industry

Thank You to Our Friends and Partners in Manufacturing

Thank you. We know how hard you, and those like you, are working in the face of this health crisis to keep our store shelves stocked, to produce the products and deliver the water and power we depend on every day—that we’ve taken for granted too often—but not now.

We have talked to you. We know you are moving production across countries or even oceans, working to accomplish in weeks what would usually take months. That you’re pushing your facilities to operate at maximum capacity to make up for those where your workers are staying home for their own safety and that of those around them.

While our medical professionals are leading this fight, doing their part to combat the spread of illness, you’re doing all you can to make sure they’ll have the products they need, from masks and gloves to medicines and cleaning products. And to ensure that the rest of us have the products we need, from diapers and toothpaste to paper products (and even the occasional chocolate or beer).

We’re proud to work alongside you, doing our part to keep the machines upon which your production depends healthy and running, so you can do your part to keep our economy—and society—healthy and running.

We appreciate the work you’re doing. And we ask everyone else to take a moment to reflect, not on the absence of a product on store shelves today, but on how rare these occurrences are in our lives—and how much of a luxury that is.

To our customers, we know that you will help us get back to a day when an empty store shelf is a distant memory. And we will all be able to take that luxury for granted again.

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