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DuPont + Augury: Driving Innovation with Predictive Maintenance

A logo incorporating DuPont and Augury driving innovation in predictive maintenance.

A new video shows how Augury’s Machine Health is “helping DuPont innovate their operations, realize rapid value and high ROI, and reduce downtime while boosting production.”

Innovation for innovators

We’re delighted that DuPont chose to partner with Augury as part of their digital innovation journey. They are the type of company who understand what we do – and how to leverage it to their maximum advantage. Since implementation, Augury’s Machine Health solution has provided 100% prediction accuracy – while achieving 7x ROI in less than a year.  

“Dupont is an innovation company, full stop,” says Jim Hunt, the company’s Corporate Digital Value Delivery Leader. And this is the reason the company is embracing digital solutions that “are driving us in kind of a transformational way to step change improvement in our productivity.”

Enter Augury…

Headlights On Manufacturing

“Trying to run a modern manufacturing plant without predictive maintenance is like trying to drive at night without your headlights. You would never do it. The headlights are telling you what the hazards are, what the obstacles are that you’re about to encounter or collide with on the road,” says Tim Holmes, Principal Consultant, Industrial Maintenance & Reliability Engineering at DuPont.

“And that’s exactly what predictive maintenance tells you. It tells you what are things that are going to cause you to have a problem.”

Artificial Intelligence. Backed By Human Intelligence.

“There are many outfits that provide some kind of monitoring service for what they would call condition-based monitoring,” says Jim. “What Augury also provided was a backing to their AI system of level three and level four vibration specialists. During our pilot installation, we were getting feedback almost immediately on some of the things that we were doing.”

“There have been no misses,” says Jim. “This is offering so much value, so quickly, at a relatively low barrier to entry. We should consider our capacity to deliver to be infinite.”

Thanks Jim. We appreciate the kind words. And we look forward to sharing DuPont’s ride towards infinity… and beyond!


Visit our new ‘DuPont Innovates Operations Using Machine Health’ customer page.

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