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The Power of Equipment Manufacturer Collaboration: Going Further, Faster

The Power of Equipment Manufacturer Collaboration

As Augury builds on our collaboration with Carrier and other large OEMs and companies, we are experiencing first-hand how the sum is very much greater than the parts. When it comes to transformation, together is always better – whether it’s about digital transformation, expanding the Machine Health ecosystem or changing the world.

We’re more than pleased to announce our expanded global collaboration with Carrier – a global leader in providing healthy, safe and sustainable building and cold chain solutions. Augury is providing our Machine Health technologies to their BluEdge™ Digital services portfolio so they can deliver new kinds of value, reduce maintenance costs and maximize uptime for their clients.

Accelerating the Journey – and the Vision

As Augury steps forward with Carrier, we are also making a leap in our overall vision: a world where people can rely on the machines that matter. We are collaborating with Carrier and other key partners to make a meaningful impact in creating a sustainable future through Machine Health. We believe that together, we are stronger than apart. Therefore, we continue to fuel our partnership and collaboration efforts towards our collective vision.

A year ago, I wrote ‘Four Reasons to Partner with Machine Health Experts when Approaching Digital Transformation’. Now with a number of large and powerful OEMs as collaborators, I can add a fifth reason: partnering accelerates the journey.

Today, we can help our partners see around corners and move faster than ever before by leveraging our collective learnings from working with global businesses on their digital transformation journeys.

Digital Transformation Requires a Cultural Transformation

Over the last few years, through our various collaborations with not only several OEMs but dozens of Fortune 500 companies, we’ve learned that only a fraction of digital transformation efforts is technology. The rest is about people.

Backed by this experience and realization, we’ve become experts in change management. We help embed that lean and speedy startup sensibility required to drive innovation and rapidly digitize a large organization’s operations. In turn, these organizations can create more value for their clients.

Since we’ve become very familiar with the complexities involved in elevating a company’s culture, we can simplify and accelerate the process towards digital transformation, saving money, improving focus and creating competitive advantage.

Scaling on a Shared Vision for a Better World

Of course, while we offer a shortcut to digital transformation, Augury welcomes a large and powerful partner such as Carrier. Such OEM collaborators offer us the opportunity to scale our reach to millions of machines over the next few years.

But it’s more than scale. We also share common values with our partners and a long-term vision to create a better world. Last week in ‘Help Provide Clean Water For All’, we wrote in the light of World Water Day about our partnership with world’s leading water technology company Grundfos and how together we aim to make unexpected critical failures during the moving, managing and treating of water a “thing of the past” within five years. In this process, we also want to help bring clean drinking to all, through organizations such as charity: water.

Similarly in the light of Earth Day beginning on 20 April, we praise Carrier’s above-and-beyond efforts in creating healthier buildings and schools as they reopen in wake of the coronavirus crisis. And we are proud to be able to make a contribution to such efforts.

In other words, while we can help OEMs transform their culture and business, only together – literally together – can we transform an industry. And the world.

Read more about our OEM collaborations at ‘The Perfect Match: Picking the Right Startup Partner for Digital Transformation’. 

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