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The Future Of AI And Hybrid Intelligence In Manufacturing Is Now

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Together, two recent podcasts with Augury’s VP of Strategy Artem Kroupenev present a clear vision of AI’s current and future state in manufacturing. One podcast outlines how existing AI-driven Machine Health tools are already driving a resurgence in US domestic manufacturing. The other podcast looks further ahead when more broad-spectrum AIs are fully integrated with the workflows of those working in the industry. In short, listen and learn! 

The Reshoring Of US Manufacturing Needs AI

“Looking for that boom in US factory production, it’s not going to happen without the help of artificial intelligence,” according to Bob Bowman, editor-in-chief at SupplyChainBrain, as opener for the podcast ‘Will We See a U.S. Factory Boom? Not Without AI’. 

SupplyChainBrain is the go-to hub where leading supply chain management leaders share and discuss the latest trends and technologies driving the future of their industry. This podcast episode features Augury’s VP of Strategy, Artem Kroupenev, explaining how current reshoring efforts can only be successful with the concurrent application of cutting-edge AI technologies. Such solutions are needed to deal with ongoing challenges around: 

  1. The high cost and general scarcity of US labor
  2. The quality and availability of infrastructure 
  3. Being able to achieve goals around both production and sustainability. 

Happily, AI solutions already exist to deal with particular problems. However, as Artem points out, the adoption of these technologies is still in its early days. He advocates for a phased approach to AI implementation, starting with individual use cases that have already proven their value – particularly around predictive maintenance and process optimization. It’s also no longer necessary to build everything in-house since companies already offer these solutions as a service, thereby reducing the costs and risks of implementation. “Focus on selecting the right partners and vendors for different use cases,” says Artem.

Onward And Upward: Practice Makes Perfect

The Tech Talks Daily Podcast features host Neil C Hughes, who talks with some of the biggest names in innovation. The episode ‘AI Co-Pilots in Manufacturing: A Future Vision with Artem Kroupenev of Augury’ focuses on the future – which might be coming much faster than most anticipated. It’s clear generative AIs such as ChatGPT will help us interact more closely with the more established AI systems around Machine Health and Process Health now doing the heavy lifting when it comes to avoiding downtime and improving processes. 

Indeed, AI co-pilots will become increasingly valuable as the manufacturing sector becomes more automated – with these systems set to redefine the industry in the coming years. “These AI systems already create safer work environments, boost efficiency, and improve product quality, marking a significant leap in manufacturing operations,” notes host Neil.

However, the actual transformation will occur when these systems are integrated to solve more significant problems related to total production health. Humans and machines will synergize to such a degree that the resulting hybrid intelligence will be able to make even more informed decisions in improving processes. 

“AI copilots are not just a futuristic concept, but a present reality transforming factory floors,” says Neil. “And as we move into an era where AI integration in every job is already becoming the norm, I think Augury’s perspectives remind us of the importance of embracing these changes not just for operational efficiency but also for the greater good of our global economy and indeed environment.”

Artem stresses that it’s a long-term journey that resembles mastering a martial art through practice. “As Anthony Bourdain once said about jujitsu: ‘It’s about sucking a little less every day.’”

Listen to ‘Will We See a U.S. Factory Boom? Not Without AI’ and ‘AI Co-Pilots in Manufacturing: A Future Vision with Artem Kroupenev of Augury’. Or reach out directly!

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