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Celebrating the Sidekicks: Augury Releases Machine Health for Supporting Equipment (ME SE)

Celebrating the sidekicks

With Augury’s release of Machine Health for Supporting Equipment, a new and powerful team is born. As a very competent sidekick, ME SE will work in tandem with established hero Machine Health for Critical Equipment (MH CR) to protect the manufacturing universe – vanquishing downtime while boosting operations. 

A Power Partnership Is Born

All hail the competent sidekick! We’re talking about those hero-enablers who do a lot of the heavy lifting while taking too little of the credit: Watson next to Sherlock … Hermione next to Harry … Robin next to Batman … Chewbacca next to Han. 

“Let’s get this straight,” says Augury Solutions Architect Brian Richmond. “With MH SE, we’re not talking about one of those blundering sidekicks there for comic effect. Nor are we talking about a selfless sidekick who cleans up the mess after the blundering hero. This is a real-deal power partnership.”

As a synchronized duo in a single full-stack solution, MH CR and MH SE can help manufacturers fully eliminate downtime and optimize asset care costs and resources through enhanced maintenance planning. 

Supporting Equipment: Less Noticed But Super Essential

Augury built its business around protecting critical machines: the ones that when they break cause massive downtime and lost revenue. But this doesn’t mean that supporting machines don’t eat away at the bottom line – especially since they make up around 60% of all industrial rotating assets. And they can still shut you down if you don’t fix them on time. 

“Look at conveyor gearboxes,” says Brian. “They may only fail for an hour or two at a time. But they fail 20 times a year. Do the math. Over time, they are also super critical machines. With MH SE, you can make your PMs count – while also not overspending on unnecessary parts or maintenance.

“We can now cover all the machines that matter, not just the critical ones, in a cost-effective manner,” says Brian.

ME SE: The Machine Health Sidekick You Were Waiting For

“This is the way to do it,” says former VP of Manufacturing and Warehousing at PepsiCo, Ed Ballina. “Manufacturers love what Augury’s MH CR coverage does for their critical assets. They don’t want to go to a different vendor to cover the rest of their machines. Multiple solutions just multiply confusion. Now there’s a single source of truth that lets you see all the assets in one place.”

“We all know failures in critical equipment stop the show, but that doesn’t mean supporting equipment isn’t important,” adds Ballina. “With Augury’s MH CR, plants are reducing unplanned downtime and gaining back production time. Since MH SE entered the picture, they are now lowering the costs to maintain and manage the full population of machines. In that way, the two solutions work together – indeed, just like your classic sidekick story.” 

Unified Duo As Parts Of A Greater Whole 

Competent sidekicks like MH SE bring unique and complementary capabilities to the table. While both solutions share a common platform, MH CR’s AI-driven diagnostics are verified by Augury’s human reliability experts. In addition, select critical equipment can be covered by Guaranteed Diagnostics, a warranty backed by HSB Munich Re to repair or replace failed equipment.  

Meanwhile, MH SE’s diagnostics are entirely automated and suggest multiple fault diagnostics with associated confidence levels, which users can apply as a decision support tool to plan maintenance activities and confirm the correct diagnosis after the relevant machine is inspected.

Take Charge Of Your Assets And Become The Hero Of Your Own Story

Manufacturers deploying Augury’s complete Machine Health coverage will now be able to fully transition from reactive and preventative maintenance into strategic and predictive modes of work – while enjoying all the associated benefits in terms of efficiency and cost-cutting.

To take full advantage of the superpowers of both MH CR and MH SE, Augury has developed a Criticality Matrix based on an asset’s complexity, hazardous-nature, and impact to the production process. Previously, Augury’s MH CR solution was only cost-effective for machines that could incur catastrophic unplanned downtime. But now with the full Machine Health duo, it’s also possible to automatically monitor supporting equipment using best-in-class AI.

If The Cape Fits… Forever Onward and Upward!

The unveiling of MH SE is part of a long-term vision of continual improvement through digital transformation. “The more machines we can cover for the customer, the more data we and the customer can see,” said Saar Yoskovitz, CEO at Augury. “The more data, the more accurate our AI becomes, and the better our predictions.”

“We start by making the machines run better and more predictably,” says Saar. “But then we can make the entire production operation run better, across assets and operations. And then with the insights we have we can enable entirely new value creation by the customer and even by our partners.” 

In short: we can all be sidekicks in supporting all the machines that matter.


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