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Operations: Driving Machine Health Through Fulfillment and Agility

Augury’s growing Operations team is committed to the timely allocation, quality, management and delivery of materials on a global scale. This requires structure. That said, as a scaling company it’s also important to play around with the processes to find new solutions to situations as they arise. It keeps us on our toes – which keeps both us and our clients happy.

Proactive Not Reactive

Involving several disciplines, including Supply Chain, Procurement, Quality Assurance, Engineering, and Delivery Operations, the Operations team is equipped to drive the intricacies of the machine health movement. We are constantly inspiring each other.

Our mission is to provide solutions on-time while maintaining quality and cost efficiency throughout. We are focused on data-driven, strategic decisions that promote an important balance within parallel initiatives. While at the same time, we always keep in mind that we’ll need to remain proactive – not reactive – in order to do so.

In other words, Operations is often put into a purely transactional box. But we’re also out to play as we continually seek to up our game.

Logistics As Journey. Literally.

In terms of planning, we are regularly leveraging internal and external partnerships to understand our upcoming demand, distribution by region, related material documentation, lean hardware configurations, and other pertinent pillars of readiness.

We feel comfortable in challenging ourselves as a team, as well as our “customers”, to ensure that we are able to deliver consistently and expediently. With our day-to-day transactions, we are fulfilling materials on a world-wide scale, utilizing a robust parts catalogue while continuously improving lead times.

So, how do these transactions come to life? It’s a journey – quite literally!

Streamlining Lead Time

Recently, we completed a shipment to Japan, which is a new geography for Augury. The efforts behind its delivery touched each department within Operations and illustrated our ability to work together to meet expectations.

Then, we were asked to accelerate – to bring our lead time forward as much as possible. So we got to work.

Inventory, check.

Documentation and labeling, check.

Palletization, local procurement, and non-stop communication? Check, check, check.

On-time delivery to the international port of entry? Check.

In the end, we were able to push the delivery date forward by six weeks, which was a significant accomplishment. Both us and our clients were happy.

Playing With Processes

Although Operations is typically a standardized practice consisting of transactions, controlled processes, and flows, we also have the ability to be agile – an asset that is particularly critical when scaling a company.

This built-in flex – a willingness to look at things with fresh eyes both as an individual and a team – is especially important when we look at key initiatives like geographic expansion and improvements to the customer experience, which will be supported by new tools, automation, and integrations between systems.

Transparency is Everything

We regularly ask ourselves how we can align with our customers to ensure a streamlined delivery experience and analyze where we can glean information to apply to our internal playbooks. It is a true dichotomy as we bring experience and processes to the table, yet we remain receptive to change and feedback.

Looking ahead, this structured – yet creative – approach will allow us to both build and scale simultaneously.

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