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AI In Action: Optimizing Production While Putting A Dent Into Climate Change

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During an AI in Action podcast, Artem Kroupenev explains how Augury’s cutting-edge AI is making manufacturing more profitable and sustainable – and how this is just the beginning of a larger, more ambitious, journey.

For episode 375 of the AI in Action podcast, host JP Valentine talks to Augury’s VP of Strategy Artem Kroupenev. Powered by global AI recruiters Alldus International, the goal of the podcast “is to share with you the insights of technologists and data science enthusiasts to showcase the excellent work that is being done within AI in North America and Europe.”

AI For Maximizing The Performance Of The Machines That Matter

Augury is indeed widely known for its best-in-class AI powering its Machine Health and Process Health Solutions. And after diving into Artem’s own background as entrepreneur and a consultant connecting startups with corporates, JP begins delving into the overall role of AI in Augury’s story, mission and platform.

According to Artem, the key to Augury’s success as one of the first billion-dollar unicorn valuations for industrial AI is how the company’s algorithms are backed by real-world manufacturing domain expertise. “What really matters is the use case outcome. For the customers, it’s not about the technology itself, but rather can their operator, process engineer and/or reliability engineer get the insights they need without significantly disrupting their work processes,” says Artem.

In other words, it’s about getting the right information at the right time to the right people to ensure the machines keep running at maximum efficiency – which works to benefit both revenue and the environment. “The basic tenets of what drives the impact is very quick and accurate insights – and that these are delivered in a way that is very simple to use, understand and adopt.”

AI For Manufacturers To Lead The Way To A Greener Future

Meanwhile with more forward-thinking customers, the aim is nothing less than defining the future of manufacturing where AI maximizes both production and sustainability goals. “It’s about solving a really wide optimization problem by looking at tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of data points across a full production process, and correlate between them in a way that helps you optimize for multiple objectives at the same time,” says Artem. “And doing that reliably every time.”

“When we talk about industrial transformation and making existing industrial processes more effective and efficient, we’re no longer talking about incremental change but step change. This is one of the ways for us to really put a huge dent in climate change,” says Artem. “We see industry as a key to transformation and helping solve some of humanity’s biggest problems, and we are contributing to the solution. And believe we have a path to doing that further with technology. So yes, there’s a big mission for us.”

“And yes, we’re always looking for talent.”

Listen to the full 30-minute ‘AI In Action’ podcast and/or read the white paper ‘The Power of Augury’s AI’.

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