Data Scientist

Machines Talk, We Listen. We are all surrounded by machines and rely on them in everything we do - from the buildings in which we live and work, the goods that we consume, to the power and running water that we use. There are significant cost and effort that goes into designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining the machines that enable and support our daily lives. We are on a mission to make machines more reliable and reduce their impact on the environment.

Augury is making machines more reliable by combining two key shifts in the industry: artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. The intersection of these trends allows Augury to provide machines with a mechanical nervous system and the awareness to optimize their own health, thereby accelerating human productivity and safety. 

Augury is looking for a data scientist to join our advanced Algorithm team. You will solve real-world problems and have a direct impact on innovating Augury’s core technology. You will be at the forefront of technology for diagnostics of electro-mechanical equipment, using advanced machine learning approaches and the latest big-data technologies with a unique data set

A Day In Your Life

You will research, develop, and deploy solutions for the multifaceted automatic machine health diagnostics problem.

  • Completely own the entire algorithmic life-cycle including problem learning, discovery, data analytics, prototyping of new ideas, and implementing algorithms in a production environment.
  • You will be a technology point of contact for Machine Learning Algorithm in the group and the company. 
  • You will apply your scientific knowledge and creativity to solve complex problems. You will use industry-leading cloud technologies in big data storage, distributed processing, stream processing, and time series analysis (such as Apache Spark, Cassandra, Apache Beam).
  • You will improve Augury’s capabilities in detecting and classifying changes to machine health by applying your knowledge in data analysis, signal processing, supervised and unsupervised machine learning and deep learning methods, and time-series anomaly detection.
  • You will work with unique big data. You will apply research to achieve impact - improvements to machine health, industrial process performance, customer insights, and efficiency improvement suggestions.
  • You will work on patented state-of-the-art technology, while contributing to new and ongoing patent applications.

What You Bring

  • Education: M.Sc./Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics or relevant engineering discipline. 
  • Your playground: You design algorithms, train predictive models, deploy them (Python is preferred), and track their performance.  You research and implement machine learning methods - clustering, dimensionality reduction, classification, anomaly detection. You are familiar with signal processing methods and challenges. You understand the impact that software plays in the world of data science. You are familiar with Agile, constantly seeking challenges while enjoying the fast feedback loop.
  • Own it: You are passionate about creating an impactful and innovative environment. You like to share your experience and coach other team members to have a direct impact on the team and the core technology of the product.

About Us

We love creating stuff. We are passionate about building meaningful products that can change the world. Our team is a diverse group of people that breed creative thinking and are not afraid of having fun. We are only as good as the relationships we build - we treat each other with respect, dignity and humility. We don’t pursue the mythical work-life balance - there is only life, and Augury is a part of it.


  • Stock options
  • Paid parental leave
  • Flex PTO