Send Downtime Out with the Waste

Gain a deeper understanding of your machines’ real-time health with predictive maintenance. Go beyond typically captured, basic operational metrics and utilize actionable insights for your maintenance and operations team. Detailed dashboards and integrations make it easy to visualize the condition of your critical assets.

When Downtime Isn't an Option

Augury helps you face the main challenges of water production head on.

Downtime During Peak Operations

There are times when water production and water movement are critical and systems simply have to work. During city-crippling storms and peak usage hours, downtime due to mechanical failure must be prevented at all costs.

Ambiguous Alerts

In the absence of complete continuous machine diagnostics, it’s difficult to know what’s wrong with your equipment. Whether its due to problematic operations or workforce bandwidth, understanding why malfunctions are occurring is arguably more important than knowing that they’ve already occurred.

Labor Force Bandwidth

With teams protecting multiple facilities within a region, the limited availability of experts responsible for machine health is often stretched too thin. Without constant machine oversight, faults and malfunctions often go undetected until it's too late.

Predictive Analytics for Water and Wastewater Facilities

With Augury, stakeholders across your organization gain insight into the health of their machines - increasing efficiency and operations.


All of your Assets

Augury’s scalable solution provides visibility and transparency from regional, site, building and individual asset views. This makes it quick and easy to see machine health at different levels while allowing you to dive deeper for additional insights on individual machines.


Unplanned Downtime

Our detailed alerts ensure reliability teams know in advance of an issue so repairs can be scheduled during planned downtime. After installation and initial repairs have been completed, maintenance teams can expect to perform minor repairs to maintain peak operation and production while reducing the chances for any catastrophic failures.

Do More

With Less

Alerts similar to a check engine light waste time. With detailed and specific alerts maintenance teams can spend their time fixing and preventing issues instead of manually searching for whatever caused the alert.


“If we fail, if we shut down, the wastewater that is generated continuously day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute would then be dumped into local rivers and streams, so failure is not an option. With Augury, we are never caught off guard.”

General Manager Water and Wastewater Utility

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