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Optimize the Performance of Your Assets and Processes

Visualize machine health insights and operational data to improve your operations

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Optimize Your Assets

Visualize and understand the health of your assets and processes to increase predictability, quality, speed, and throughput. Identify and solve the root cause of mechanical malfunctions to unlock the hidden value of machine health across all of your production lines.

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In almost all supply-chain problems, the first and
most fundamental requirement is visibility.

"...few companies have a full picture of their supply-chain operations. That lack of a “single source of truth” leads to widespread waste, arguments, and suboptimal decision making."


Get the Most Out of Your Assets and Production Lines

Keep Your Machines Performing at Their Best

Detailed machine health analyses, full machine histories and action oriented alerts help eliminate the root cause of machine malfunctions before they cause downtime.

Understand the Full Picture of Your Operations

Examine and get context on your manufacturing operations by comparing machine health with production line performance and operational data.

Optimize Asset Performance
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Connect With Reliability Experts and Data Scientists

Expand your team online with Augury’s experts to make informed decisions and verify the effectiveness of repairs to uncover blindspots in your processes.

Machine Health Helps Your Team
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Machine Performance

Understand the health and performance
of your machines to make better
decisions between changeovers and
across production lines

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Underperforming Assets

Continuous, actionable and prescriptive
diagnostics help maintenance teams
efficiently correct machine health
issues and verify repairs

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Enhance your processes with mechanical
and operational data. Know when you’re
pushing your machines to the limit
and use that data to your advantage

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