A New Era of Efficiency is Coming

FLANDERS Partners with Augury to Offer Continuous Machine Diagnostics

Partnership to increase reliability and uptime of heavy industrial machines through AI-based predictive maintenance

Evansville, IN & New York— February 19, 2019—FLANDERS—a family-operated, advanced technology systems solution provider with expertise in electric machine repair, advanced control systems technology, as well as power systems engineering—has partnered with Augury, a leading AI-based machine health solution provider to improve its continuous machine diagnostics offering. The partnership allows FLANDERS to flesh out its offering of machine and fleet monitoring services with Augury’s industrial analytics platform, helping to improve machine performance and increase reliability. Existing and future FLANDERS customers will be able to continuously collect, analyze, and trend performance data to proactively predict maintenance needs, circumvent machine failure, improve uptime, and eliminate unscheduled shutdowns.

Through this partnership, FLANDERS is offering a reliable, manufacturer-agnostic solution that allows each division of an organization the ability to drill-down into the specific area of a machine’s health most pertinent to their function; optimizing the operation itself and company assets. This end-to-end solution bolsters FLANDERS’ focus on machine and fleet monitoring services across multiple industries and applications.

“FLANDERS and Augury, together, are working to take Artificial Intelligence to the next level,” said John Burant, Vice President of Global Business Development at FLANDERS. “FLANDERS’ extensive background in machine applications along with Augury’s experience in AI algorithms and instrumentation is a perfect mix to create a winning solution for our customers. This is an exciting partnership that will serve the industry with excellence.”

The intelligence gathered through Augury’s IoT-enabled sensors provides invaluable insight into machine health, empowering dependable, cost-saving decision-making that will extend the life and reliability of machines. Augury’s unique algorithm-powered approach to system diagnostics provides actionable, data-driven repair and maintenance recommendations to improve productivity and increase uptime. This will help FLANDERS continue to provide innovative solutions to its global, multi-industry customer base and expose Augury to those audiences.

“Equipment manufacturers and service providers are increasingly turning to industrial analytics as a critical component for their IIoT strategy,” said Saar Yoskovitz, co-Founder and CEO of Augury. “By providing transparency into the health of machines, coupled with actionable recommendations, we’re enabling FLANDERS and their customers to keep pace with today’s business demands. We’re excited to work with them on bringing new services and business models to the market.”

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