Scope Hand-held

Augury’s Scope enables technicians of any skill level to have the recording and diagnostic capabilities of a Category IV vibration analyst. Scope is smartphone-enabled and makes it simple to collect machine recordings and receive diagnostics in the palm of your hand.

Artificial Intelligence in the Palm of your Hand

Save time and protect assets with our user-friendly, smartphone-enabled, route-based recording tool.

On-Demand Data Collection

Our smartphone-enabled recording tool utilizes vibration and ultrasonic sensors and is paired with our easy-to-use app to make recording on assets seamless.

Guided Setup and Recording

Quickly and easily input assets with basic configuration and name-plate information. 3D renderings based on asset configuration guide users through recording on exact points.

Real-Time Diagnostics

Augury’s machine learning algorithms analyze collected data and provide detailed diagnostic results in real time.

Precise Repair Suggestions

Accurate diagnosis and maintenance suggestions are displayed on your device whenever an anomaly has been detected.

Powerful Analyst Platform

Augury’s Analyst platform provides advanced features that enable vibration analysts to thoroughly assess and review asset conditions and visualize recording data. Our user-friendly view was designed to streamline the workflow of predictive maintenance experts.

More than Vibration Analysis

Go above and beyond vibration analysis with insightful asset metadata, condition assessments, and reporting capabilities

Ease of Use

Intuitive controls and functions designed for and by experienced reliability experts

Dive Deeper

Review raw recording data and confirm the automated health diagnosis of any of your assets


“We based our initial decision to go with Augury on the quality of its products, most specifically its sensor technology. The first benefit the facility experienced after implementing the Auguscope was the discovery of a hidden problem ...The Auguscope was able to detect the problem, and the plant was able to plan the repair with minimal downtime.”

Tim Caldwell

Director of Manufacturing Systems Mueller Industries

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