machine health management

The Backbone of Your Digital Strategy

Augury’s technology seamlessly combines data with advanced analytics to provide easy-to-understand insights and actionable maintenance recommendations. Our machine health management platform enables you to make informed reliability decisions and optimize your operations.


Machine Health Analysis

View the health of every individual asset, in every facility, in every region, across your organization on our web-based platform. Each asset is given a health score to help prioritize repair and maintenance strategies. Individual recording data is visualized and can be accessed for manual diagnosis by your reliability professionals for verification and deep-dive analysis.



Smartphone App

Company-wide asset performance visualized on your smartphone.


Continuous Diagnostic Status

View the status of all Halo monitored machines from your mobile device while in the field, at home, or away.


In-app Support

Talk with an Augury professional over the phone, via email, or with a live chat to answer your questions immediately.


Instant Machine Diagnostics

Our intuitive app guides you through the recording process to collect data manually and generate reports quickly.

Web App

Your gateway to world-class maintenance.


Online Platform

Access your data at any time from anywhere. Always stay connected to your equipment.


Fully Featured

From high-level insights to deep-diving into specific recording data, Augury’s comprehensive platform has all of the features you need to take your reliability program from 0 to 100% overnight.


Fully Maintained and Always Up to Date

Get the latest features instantly upon release. No need to install applications or maintain IT or IoT infrastructure.

Don’t Lose Control

Augury’s predictive insights help facilities maintain control over their production assets, support assets, and maintenance practices. Get the earliest insights possible in a straightforward format to enable your maintenance and operations teams to excel.


Collect Machine Data

A combination of various sensors monitor your machines continuously and on-demand, providing alerts of developing changes


Analyze Machine Conditions

Machine learning algorithms compare recording data from your assets to past recordings of similar machines around the world


Visualize Machine Performance

Our management dashboard provides full visibility of the health of every machine across facilities and individual buildings


Generate and Share Reports

One-click report generation enables you to easily share the health condition of the facility with key decision makers across your organization

Powerful Analysis Platform

Augury’s Analyst platform contains advanced features that enable those knowledgeable in vibration analysis to thoroughly assess an asset’s condition. The feature set goes beyond vibration analysis alone to include insightful metadata information about assets, condition assessment and reporting capabilities, and easy-to-use collaboration tools. These features combine to streamline the analysis process so that high-quality, insightful results can be quickly produced.


Secure Data & Consistent Updates

End-to-end encryption from sensor to server ensures the highest security standards.

Integrations & Partnerships

Enhance Your Current Workflows

Augury is committed to building the mechanical nervous system of the IIoT. The platform communicates with 3rd party systems, including top CMMS solutions offered by IBM Maximo, Fluke e-Maint, and others. Such integrations ensure that machine diagnostics tie-in seamlessly with your existing software systems for greater clarity into your operation as a whole.

Our Continuous & Portable Machine Diagnostic Suite

Hear How Our Diagnostics Platform Can Help Your Business