Platform Overview

Augury’s diagnostic technology is built around a simple principle. Every mechanical system can be characterized by the sound that it makes – machines “talk” and we understand their language. We use vibration and ultrasonic sensors, which are the gold standard in the Predictive Maintenance space, to measure these sounds.

The collected data is sent to our servers, where it is compared with previous data collected from that machine, as well as data collected from similar machines. Our platform can detect the slightest changes and warn you of developing malfunctions. This analysis is done in real-time and the results are displayed on the technician’s smartphone within seconds. We also provide an online management platform accessible from any internet-connected computer that displays the status of all monitored equipment and assists in making informed, accurate and efficient maintenance decisions.


The brains of our platform, our algorithm developers have over 40 years of combined experience in machine diagnostic and automatic diagnostic tools. Because all of the recordings are stored on our servers, our algorithms get smarter and grow stronger as we receive more information. If our platform encounters a new type of malfunction, it studies the developing trend, gets smarter and then your equipment becomes smarter. Our algorithms are able to diagnose a machine’s health in mere seconds, and have a proven track record of success.

Seamless Integration

Augury’s platform communicates with 3rd party systems. This includes top CMMS solutions offered by IBM Maximo, Fluke e-Maint, and others. Such integrations ensure that machine diagnostics tie in seamlessly with your existing software systems.


The Auguscope incorporates over 3 years of Electronics and Analog circuit development, resulting in best in class analog signal sampling at never before seen sampling rates. The Auguscope can record both Vibration and Ultrasonic (AE) sensors and can be used for mechanical diagnostics. The result is a small, portable device, that replaces over $40,000 worth of monitoring equipment. It is built to withstand the harsh working conditions at your facility – it is military grade, IP-67 certified and is basically “life-proof”.

Smartphone App

The mobile app is designed with your working conditions in mind – it is easy to use, with large buttons for easy access. The Auguscope minimum requirements are iPhone 5 with iOS 7 and Android 5.0

Select machine

See a list of the machines in your facility, along with their latest health condition. Select a machine to start recording

Record screen

Connect the Auguscope to the iPhone and mount the magnetic sensor on the machine according to the diagram on the screen. Press the “Record” button and that’s it! 5 seconds is all it takes – you can continue to the next recording point.

Get results

Receive the mechanical condition of the machine in no-time and get treatment recommendations.

Generate report

It’s your turn to be the hero – generate a report and share it with your customers. Track repairs and add observations – add your input from the field. Be sure to take a picture – because it really is worth more than a thousand words.

Web App

The Augury Management Platform (AMP) is designed to make your life easier. You have full control over the information in our system and can easily access trends and statistics about your assets. We are here to assist you in making informed, accurate and efficient maintenance decisions.

Stay informed

Get the information you care about, track high-level trends and make informed decisions.

Dive deep

Gain access to everything that happens and communicate better with your customers


View the raw recordings and leverage your knowledge using our vibration analysis platform. Add your diagnosis and recommendations to the final report.

Generate report

One-click report generation helps you easily share the health condition of the facility with key decision makers.