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Circulus Combines People & Technology for a Healthier Plant and Planet

Plastic Film Recycling
North America

Sustainable Operations with Machine Health

As the industry leader in recycled plastic film, Circulus is dedicated to reducing the amount of plastic in landfills and oceans. Uptime is crucial to this mission. Before Augury, their facility teams encountered machine malfunctions and unplanned downtime across their operations. With Machine Health in place, Circulus’ teams have reduced costs, increased uptime, and enhanced plant safety. By combining their people with Augury’s technology they are operating more sustainably and creating a healthier planet.

Watch How Circulus is Using Machine Health to Drive Safety and a Circular Economy

What Our Customers Say

Machine health touches every one of Circulus’ core values. Machine health creates an environment of predictability and reliability, it hits home on the safety aspect of our business where we’re not putting people in unneeded situations. Before Augury was in place, our average uptime was around 65 to 70%. Today we run 85 to 90%.
Operations before implementing Augury were reactive. We would have to guess if something was going wrong. We would have to listen to noises to verify if something was going wrong. Then when something went down we had to shut down the plant. Augury has given us the ability to have more predictive maintenance, where we see what’s coming down the line, where we can plan our resources and safety.