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What’s an Augury?

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au·gu·ry / ˈôɡ(y)ərē / [aw-gyuh-ree] noun

A sign of what will happen in the future; prediction.

The work of an augur; the interpretation of omen

Back in the days of the Roman Empire, the Augurs were the religious officials (priests). Before going into battle, the emperor would approach the Augurs and ask them about the outcome of the war.

The Augurs would look to the sky, analyze the wind flow and the birds’ trajectories and then come up with an Augury – a prediction. The army would go into battle with a wholehearted belief that their god was behind them.

Similarly, at Augury, we analyze seemingly unrelated signals and come up with a prediction – is your equipment going to fail in the future? Are there any actions you should take now to avoid catastrophe?

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