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Watch How Augury Helped Frito-Lay Save a Mountain of Snacks

PepsiCo-Augury collaboration

The short video ‘PepsiCo Labs and Augury Prevent Snack Plant Breakdowns Together’ describes how Frito-Lay is harnessing Augury’s Machine Health solution to reduce downtime, boost productivity and always keep our favorite snacks on the shelves.

Machine Health Has Never Tasted So Good!

We’re very proud our work with Frito-Lay and the team at PepsiCo Labs had an immediate impact on their supply chain. Here’s to many more shared snacking opportunities as we scale to almost all Frito-Lay’s manufacturing plants over the next year!

We’d like to thank PepsiCo Labs for showcasing Augury’s IoT solutions that, according to them, “leverage Machine Learning and AI to provide early, actionable, and comprehensive insights into manufacturing line health and performance”.

This was also delicious to hear: “After a year, the Frito-Lay [pilot plants] had zero breakdowns, interruptions or incremental costs.”

Innovations For An Appetizing Future

We’d also like to thank Frito-Lay and PepsiCo Labs for this one-of-a-kind opportunity. They hand-picked us to help them face-down their manufacturing challenges in an ever-evolving real-world environment. In the process, we had the pleasure to work closely with their experts and decision-makers. And now we can look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship in the years to come. 

We were also inspired by the other young companies aligned with PepsiCo Labs. They are busy applying their own innovations related to areas such as Supply Chain, Businesses Services and Data & Analytics. With many of these amazing local solutions now being scaled into becoming global realities, the future is indeed looking delectable.

Now just grab a bag of Doritos and watch that film one more time.

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