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Azure Not Only Makes Business Sense. It Makes Innovation Sense

Augury and Microsoft Azure as partners in innovation

For Augury, partnering with Azure was more than an ecosystem move to make it easier for potential customers to adopt our Machine Health and Process Health Solutions. It also provides the tools and the means to get closer to our customers so we can better innovate solutions for their benefit, according to Augury’s General Manager for Process Health, Iftah Levy.

Azure Makes Business Sense

The business case for Microsoft Azure is well-established. Basically, it won the race against Amazon and Google when it comes to ERPs. It’s now home to the databases of the vast majority of industrial users and provides a compelling selection of tools to simplify processes within your business.

We partnered with Azure for the same reasons many companies chose Azure. It’s easy to buy. And it’s easy to scale as you grow. Capacity is no longer an issue since Azure can scale with you. Plus, if you are already a client, you can use their rather ingenious credit system to rapidly adopt other solutions without necessarily paying more money. And by providing a one-stop shop for solutions, it works to simplify your ecosystem – which is often a bonus from a cloud perspective. 

In short, Azure lowers the barrier for potential manufacturing clients to take advantage of Augury’s Machine Health Solution – advantages recently outlined in the article ‘How Augury’s AI-Powered IoT Monitoring Solution in Azure Marketplace Can Deliver 3x-10x ROI’.

But there’s more… 

The Goal of Process Health: Improving Yield And Quality Without Increasing Energy Use (Everyone Wins)

Azure also makes innovation sense. Augury will be expanding its offering with new Process Health technology. And I lead a lean and cross-functional team – essentially a startup within a startup (if you can still call Augury a startup) – to make this happen. 

We are currently enjoying a breakthrough around Process Health with an early adopter client. And we will soon be introducing an exciting new technology to the market that will help Operation teams stabilize and optimize core manufacturing processes. By helping maximize yield and minimize waste and energy use, our solution will contribute to manufacturers becoming significantly more efficient and sustainable. So, stay tuned… 

How Azure Is Saving Us A Lot Of Engineering And R&D Time

And in our quest for Product Market Fit, we have been able to leverage Azure to streamline and advance our R&D much quicker than in any other scenario. We use various Azure tools – such as Integration runtime in Azure Data Factory – to access and transfer client data. More recently, we’ve been applying Azure MLOps to orchestrate all the cutting-edge AI we use now. 

For us, it goes beyond enjoying a simplified ecosystem that can take on the full life cycle of the data and the AI. To run an experiment in the past, it would take a week just to prepare the data. Now, using Azure ML Ops, the process is fast and seamless. We’re saving a lot of engineering and R&D time by using these services. 

Sure, we have to pay for it, but Azure is a real enabler for us to move fast to market (and without breaking too many things). 

In other words, we’re that much closer to using less energy. 

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