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In the article ‘“Predictive-Maintenance” Tech Is Taking Off as Manufacturers Seek More Efficiency’, The Wall Street Journal writes about the positive impact Machine Health is having on manufacturing supply chains.

“Pepsi, Colgate and other firms are populating their plants with sensors from AI startup Augury to ‘listen’ for machinery problems,” according to The Wall Street Journal in the article ‘“Predictive-Maintenance” Tech Is Taking Off as Manufacturers Seek More Efficiency’. 

Proven Value

Written by veteran business and technology reporter Angus Loten, the article features comments from companies such as PepsiCo and Colgate-Palmolive speaking about the value Augury is providing their plants on a daily basis. 

The article was featured as the lead story for WSF’s CIO Journal. “And this is an interesting trend we’re seeing: how the Chief Information Officer is becoming more involved in what was traditionally Operational Technology territory,” notes Augury Co-Founder/CEO Saar Yoskovitz as a reaction to the article. “We’re also proud to see some of our greatest long-term supporters and champions being quoted in this piece.” 

Millions Of Snacks Saved

For instance, Anna Farberov, General Manager of PepsiCo Labs, the technology venture arm of PepsiCo Inc., noted how Augury solutions were such a success at four Frito-Lay plants that manufacturing capacity rose by 4,000 hours a year: “the equivalent of several million pounds of snacks.” And now, the company aims to roll out the technology to all its bottling facilities in North America.

Full-Stack Solution

“The value of startup vendors such as Augury has initially been the combination of hardware and software predictive-maintenance solutions, especially machine learning-driven,” says Emil Berthelsen, VP and analyst at IT research and consulting firm Gartner Inc. He also observes: “The quality and levels of predictive-maintenance insights continues to improve.”

Empowered Workforce

Our old friend Warren Pruitt, VP of Global Engineering at Colgate-Palmolive, was also on hand to comment: “Our predictive-maintenance program also upskills our workforce, giving our employees the bandwidth to look at the big picture and consider how to employ new technologies and initiatives to continuously improve our operation.”

Thank you all. We’re proud to partner with our customers, building a world where we all can rely on the machines that matter.

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