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How to Help your Machines Achieve Their 2021 Resolutions

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New Year’s resolutions are part of what makes us human–the desire to get better, to make a bigger impact on our jobs and lives. But what about the machines that we rely on for our food, water, medicines and goods? Do they make resolutions? And if so, what are their resolutions for 2021?

Augury’s Machine Health technology listens to machines, to know how they are doing. Our customers use our solutions to reduce downtime and improve capacity. But we figured maybe those machines could tell us more, if we just asked. So we surveyed 1000 machines in manufacturing facilities around the world to see what’s on their minds for 2021 resolutions. Here’s what their list looks like (hint: it’s a lot like most of ours) and some great gift ideas to help the machines in your life achieve their goals for 2021.

Resolution #1: Stay healthy.

Machines don’t like to have health issues that cause them to miss work or perform below their best any more than people do. They want to feel good, work hard and stay strong no matter what’s being asked of them. Our machine health solution gives machines and the people that care for them the data they need to be healthy and prevents breakdowns that can injure performance. Think of it as a Fitbit for the machines that matter.

Resolution #2: Communicate better.

Machines know a lot about what’s happening on your manufacturing floor, and they want to share what they know with you. Our machine health platform makes it easy for your machines to give you real-time insight into their reliability and performance. Want to know if your production lines are at risk? Just ask those closest to the work the machines that are doing it. It’s like a regular zoom call for your extended machine family. Find out how we can keep your machines and team performing at their best

Resolution #3:Work smarter, not harder.

Your machines want to sport the coolest digital tools as much the rest of us. Machine health takes even your oldest, least cool machines and makes them digital natives overnight, connecting them to our advanced analytics and to you and your team. Give them the machine health gift they want this holiday season and they and you will be the coolest kids on the manufacturing block. That can help manufacturers increase productivity by using real-time insight to eliminate unnecessary maintenance and improve processes. And get invited to all the best parties.

Resolution #4: Ask for help.

Too often many of us suffer in silence because we’re not willing or able to ask for help. It looks like machines have the same issue but they want to change as much as we do. They want to contribute more to the team and make themselves better by asking for help when they need it. Machine health gives them the tools to do just that not just letting them tell you when they think they’re struggling, but letting you know what the issue is and how you can help resolve it. Even your machines can use a little help from a friend give it to them with machine health and let them help you prevent unplanned downtime and reduce costs.

Resolution #5: Don’t Waste Money.

Machines know that when they break or when you over-maintain them, it’s a waste of money for your manufacturing plants. They want to be as smart with money as the rest of us. Fortunately, our machine health solution provides actionable insights to help your team eliminate unplanned downtime and reduce unnecessary maintenance. When it comes to saving money, Machine health is money in the bank. Think of this gift as a budgeting lesson for the machines that care.

Resolution #6: Learn a new skill.

Machines know they are capable of more and they want to see what else they can do. They want to go beyond just producing the materials you need they want to be part of the team that makes your processes better, creates better formulas and changes how you work for the digital world. Machine health lets them share their data and insights with your other production and operational data to create new kinds of value for your business and customers. It’s like giving your machines a promotion (but you won’t have to pay them more!)

Resolution #7: Do more for the environment.

Nobody likes polluting, and machines know they’re often the bad guys in the environmental story, wasting electricity and materials when they’re not working at their best. But they want to do their part for the planet too. Machine Health solutions help your machines work more efficiently by letting you know when something’s wrong that’s slowing them down and gumming up the production works. Machine health can even help them show you the signs that you’re wasting materials (and money). Machine Health turns even your grimiest machines bright green it’s like a Prius for your pumps (or a Tesla for your turbines?)

Resolution #8: Mentor a Co-worker.

Machines know the world is changing even the most traditional roles in maintenance, reliability and manufacturing are evolving to be more connected and more digital. They want to be part of the change, helping their human co-workers transform to succeed in a digital world, giving people the tools, insights and practices they need to succeed and grow. Machine health makes machines a participant in your digital transformation and provides a platform to change how maintenance and reliability are done, using real-time data, not years-old documentation. With machine health your people will base maintenance decisions on insight not hindsight, and your connected workers will have a connected machine as a partner.

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