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Uncover Systemic Machine Health
Risks & Opportunities

Protect Your Assets and Create Operational Resilience with Machine Health

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Uncover Systemic Risks

Benchmark your facilities and production lines to uncover risks and
discover machine health opportunities. Visualize and understand
performance gaps to communicate best practices and keep all of your
teams working like your best team.

Digitally Transform Your Operations and Harness the Power of Machine Health

Industry Leading manufacturers are seeing benefits up to:

Reduction of machine downtime
Improvement in labor productivity
Increase in throughput
Decrease in cost of quality

Use Machine Health to Benchmark Your Facilities and Production Lines

Collaborate and Communicate at the Corporate Level

Make impactful business decisions using historical and real-time machine health and performance data. Understand which of your facilities and production lines are the most reliable with intuitive dashboards.

Visualize and Optimize Facility Production

Share best practices and insights between facilities to help your experts take action to eliminate systemic machine health issues.

Systemic Risk Animation
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Prioritize and Create Operational Resilience

Protect your production and eliminate unplanned downtime company wide. Make informed reliability decisions and prepare for the future knowing the actual condition of your assets.

Machine Health Helps Your Team
Connect Icon
Manufacturing Risks

Improve the health of your organization
by visualizing the health and
performance of your assets company

Diagnose Icon
Operational Resilience

Actionable and prescriptive diagnostics
help maintenance teams efficiently
correct machine health issues
eliminating costly unplanned downtime

Improve Icon
Problematic Assets

Spot trends and let your experts identify
and isolate ‘bad actor’ assets to improve
your business as a whole

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