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Focus Your Team
on Actionable

Protect your operations with prescriptive and actionable
machine health diagnostics

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Actionable Insights: Machine Health

Plan your daily maintenance and reliability activities around the current health state of your machines. Optimize work schedules with digital insights and shift your team into a more collaborative and proactive mode of work.

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Beyond Predictive Maintenance

"The critical step for most organizations is the shift to a proactive, comprehensive and
well-thought-out approach to their digital maintenance and reliability strategy."

Drive Your Day with Prescriptive and Actionable Insights

Prioritize Machine Health

Clear and actionable alerts notify you which machines need your attention most. Optimize work schedules and plan repairs around real-time asset health.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Stay connected remotely with our intuitive user platform. Discuss machine health trends, share recommendations and make decisions together, online.

Optimize Maintenance to Fit Your Production

Rally around action oriented alerts and access the full history of your machines to truly understand how they perform under different conditions.

Actionable Insights
Machine Health Helps Your Team
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Increase Mean Time
Between Failures

Eliminate failures from happening in the
first place with insights and maintenance
recommendations that help
professionals act instead of plan.

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Make Informed
Reliability Decisions

Actionable and prescriptive diagnostics
help maintenance teams quickly correct
machine health issues and make facility
wide reliability decisions based on data.

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Streamline Stand-up

Run your meetings using a prioritized list
of machines that need your attention and
let your experts work like experts with
actionable insights on their side.

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