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Lower costs and increase productivity by basing your maintenance strategy on real-time machine health, not out-dated, time-based guidelines

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Condition-Based Maintenance

Provide your team the insights they need to keep your assets working at their best. Stop reacting to machine malfunctions and start eliminating unnecessary tasks with actionable insights into machine health and performance.

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Traditional Maintenance Practices are Holding You Back

"Due to the factory equipment becoming more complex, outdated monitoring and
maintenance techniques can bring down the plant’s overall productive capacity by 5 to 20%."

Stop Fixing Machines that Aren’t
Going to Break

Reduce Planned and Unplanned Downtime

Align maintenance and repair efforts with machine health rather than pre-planned schedules, to prevent early failures and over-maintaining well-performing equipment.

Increase Productivity and Lower Costs

Get maximum productivity from equipment and production lines by organizing maintenance plans and spare parts inventories using real-time machine health data.

Uncover Systemic Risks
Uncover Systemic Risks

Enable Maintenance and Reliability Agility

Prioritize action with prescriptive alerts, and collaborate across teams with a shared, data-based view of machine statuses and potential risks.

Machine Health Helps Your Team
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Optimize Spare Parts

Confidently make asset decisions and
spare part purchases, while eliminating
unnecessary overnight fees, by using
real-time machine health and
performance data

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Eliminate Unplanned

Actionable and prescriptive diagnostics
help maintenance teams efficiently
correct machine health issues even when
normal staffing levels are reduced

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Remotely Collaborate
and Communicate

Keep your team connected and
allow them to share insights and
recommendations on an interactive
and constantly updated machine
health platform

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