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Medical Device Manufacturing Facility

How Hologic Avoided Unplanned Downtime for a Critical Air Handling Unit

Augury’s Halo Continuous Diagnostics solution was used to monitor critical Air Handling Units (AHU) used to condition air for 13,000 square feet of ISO5 and ISO7 cleanrooms. By continuously collecting and analyzing the machine data in real-time, a malfunction in one of the AHUs was detected at its earliest stage.

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Home Appliance Manufacturing Facility

Repair Cost Avoidance for Critical Compressors

At the onset of the installation of Augury’s Halo solution, a severe malfunction was detected, and was immediately diagnosed as worn thrust bearing on the main drive shaft. Basic vibration sensors would not have caught this malfunction, but as Augury’s sensors boast a detection range up to 10 kHz, this costly malfunction was detected at its earliest stages.

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Alluvium has been acquired by Augury to provide unprecedented transparency into the health of your operation.