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Our Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are dedicated to making sure
you’re getting the most out of your machine health program.

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Simply alerting users of machine malfunctions isn't enough to transform your business. Augury’s CSM team is involved in
your Machine Health initiative even before installation. CSMs guide our customers and ensure that your Machine Health
KPI’s align with overall organization goals. So whether it’s improving OEE, increasing MTBF, or driving uptime — our CSMs
are there for you, every step of the way.

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By artfully drawing on a CSM’s intimate
customer knowledge, companies can surface
opportunities to provide relevant solutions
and expand customer value.

Source: Introducing customer success 2.0: The new growth engine — McKinsey, JANUARY 2018

Experience Our Built-in
Adoption Engine

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Guided Implementation
and Onboarding

We’re invested in your success — and
we’ll prove it. CSMs guide your Machine
Health initiative through implementation,
onboarding, and beyond.

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Customized Training
and Development

We’ll conduct training sessions and share
insights from other successful partners
to help your team become Augury
Champions and get the most out of your

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Quick ROI and Detailed
Success Stories

Our experts will help you quantify your
wins and provide ROI information to
prove your program’s success, so you
can celebrate with your team.

Augury’s CSMs Help You

Stay Up-to-date with New Features

Get personalized and team training on new platform features and updates from your CSM.

Get Quick Feedback

Communicate directly with your CSM through our in-app messaging system - Threads - to have conversations with machine data on hand.

Streamline Your Workflows

Get advice from CSMs who’ve worked in your industry and helped multiple partners exceed their Machine Health goals.

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“”The reason I went with you guys is I was just impressed with the people and how much we get beyond just some boxes on our machines. It’s really about the assistance we get from everyone we deal with. It’s very impressive.GLENN MUNSHAW, VICE PRESIDENT — OPERATIONS EXCELLENCE, RTP COMPANY

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with Augury.

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