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Augury’s Machine Health platform enables remote collaboration and data driven decisions to help keep production running smoothly — even when some workers can’t be on-site. Share analytics, insights, and actions based on machine health data to protect your critical assets.

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Drive productivity at a distance.

For teams working remotely or under physical-distancing guidelines, real-time data
collection and advanced-analytics technologies can provide a more detailed, accurate,
and up-to-date picture of plant operations.

Break Through Machine Health Communication Barriers

Remote Diagnostics

Remote monitoring and prescriptive diagnostics capabilities to help maintenance teams quickly address machine health issues and transition to a condition based program.

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Full View of Machine Health History

Single place to track the full history of the machine including reliability discussions and activities.

Discussion Threads for Collaboration and Data-driven Decisions

Real-time sharing of insights, ideas and actions to address issues and keep your machines running smoothly through remote collaboration.

Remote Troubleshooting and Feedback

Validate actions in near-real time by logging a repair and initiating a conversation with an Augury machine health expert.

Virtual Machine Health Support by Experts

Quickly access Augury’s machine health experts to help you make better reliability focused decisions in the right context.

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Remote-assisted Deployment and Onboarding

Seamlessly deploy machine health without disrupting production.

Machine Health Helps Your Team
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Make Data-Driven
Decisions, Together

Visualize the health and performance of your machines to make better decisions. Share insights, ideas and actions to address issues and eliminate downtime

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Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Actionable and prescriptive diagnostics help maintenance teams efficiently correct machine health issues even when normal staffing levels are reduced

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Remotely Collaborate
and Communicate

Stay connected with Augury’s Threads. Tag your teammates to quickly share insights, recommendations and get advice from your own experts or ours

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