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Unlock production capacity, predictability, and sustainability all while transforming how manufacturing teams work with Augury’s purpose-built AI solutions.

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We build end-to-end solutions, trained by the world’s largest data library and industry experts, to provide insights into your machines, processes, and operations so you can manufacture for the benefit of business, people, and the environment- without compromise.

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Machine Health

Predict and prevent machine failure and drive down maintenance and reliability costs by giving teams industry leading AI backed by reliability experts.

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Process Health

Optimize production lines for quality and throughput while cutting waste and energy costs by providing teams with hybrid intelligence, a combination of AI and process experts.

What Our Customers Say

We scouted the world for different solutions, big companies and small companies, and we objectively tested them side by side. Augury was the solution that came on top.
Anna Farberov
This is the technology of the future. And the products we make here are the products of the future. And if you’re going to make the products of the future, you can’t use the technology of the past.
Sanjay Rajput
My advice: get a good solution like Augury and go fast. Every month that you don’t have it out there is money that you didn’t gain.
Augury isn’t a program. Programs end. Augury is a culture. And this culture is saving downtime, money, and negative environmental impact at scale.
Bill Hollman
The benefits of having real-time access to machine health analytics have been so powerful, we’re going to roll out this technology across our global supply chain.
Warren Pruitt
Whenever we prevent a failure, we prevent everything that comes with that. So where we reduce the amount of labor time, the amount of machine time, we reduce all the inputs that are used to operate the machines – energy, water, gas emissions.

Any improvement that we have in operation and the reduction of the inputs helps us meet our sustainability goals.

Gofna Liss-Rubin

Solve Your Biggest Production Challenges

We partner with our customers to provide prescriptive insights that help eliminate production downtime, improve process efficiency, maximize yield, and reduce waste and emissions.

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Get the most out of your predictive maintenance and process optimization program- that’s why we’re here.

The State of Production Health 2023

See how manufacturers are managing workforce, AI, sustainability, and other challenges, based on input from 500 industry leaders.

The State of Production Health 2023

Frost & Sullivan: 2023 Company of the Year

Augury has received Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 Company of the Year Award for Global Industrial Analytics Solutions.

“Frost & Sullivan finds Augury’s transparent, seamless, and customer-centric approach and close relationships position it as a preferred partner of choice in the market.” Check out the full award report here.”

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